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2012 WWISL Men's Open Division 2 (MOD2) (7/1/2012)
1Ancaster DansoPeter Danzo905-648-7798Green
2Ancaster CamporeseCamporese905-304-0528Blue
3Caledonia 2Joseph Veldman289-440-3832Royal Blue
4Cayuga MasonScott Ferber905-772-3001Orange
5East HamiltonKevin Early905-549-5030Blue
6Flamboro AventixVince Bellavia905-689-3102Black
7Flamboro 2Rick Vanderkruk905-628-5970Orange
8Glanbrook 1Brian Robinson905-692-9831
9Mt Ham AvalancheTom Martorelli905-745-4032Royal blue
10Stoney Creek InariaGary Speakman905-573-2750Black
11West Ham ArsenalMichael Bordin905-525-1116Yellow


East Hamilton United looking for 2 or 3 experienced players
Team United of East Hamilton Soccer Club (Women's Open Div.1) has a shortage of players. Could use 2 or 3 experienced players of WWISL. -Bill Johnston. Coach of Team United.
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