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2012 WWISL Under-16 Boys Division (U16B) (8/8/2012)
1Dundas 1Mike Vajda905-627-2662Royal Blue
2Dundas 2Lory Servos905-627-8443White Red
3East Hamilton 1Oscar Fiorino905-318-1991Blue
4East Hamilton 2Joe Picone905-664-5707Black
5East Hamilton 3Adam Petrus905-304-6954Red
6East Hamilton 4Pat Clark289 755-0079 -
7Flamborough 1Keith Young905-690-0643Purple
8Flamborough 2Vince Harradine905-690-7508Silver
9GlanbrookSteve McArther905-679-5008Red
10Stoney Creek PillersDave Brandon905-578-1097Red
11West Hamilton WarriorsDeb Zajackowski905-312-9261Blue

East Hamilton United looking for 2 or 3 experienced players
Team United of East Hamilton Soccer Club (Women's Open Div.1) has a shortage of players. Could use 2 or 3 experienced players of WWISL. -Bill Johnston. Coach of Team United.
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